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"We love a quick and healthy snack!"


"Perfect pre training/match healthy oat snack, also keeps kids entertained with the cards for long away games."


"They are sooo good! perfect little size and tasty"


Goal Setting

We mapped out a simple, fun way to start goal planning featuring relatable and inspirational cartoon characters, healthy snacks as a reward, fun games and a simple way for kids to set their own goals. 

The Game

A fast-paced football card game where you shuffle and deal the pack face down into two piles, one of red cards and one of blue. There are so far25 different football cards to collect!

Common Goal Partnership

Common Goal’s members pledge 1% of their earnings to a central fund. And together we allocate this fund to high-impact organisations that harness the power of football to advance the United Nations Global Goals

Our Goal Power Mission

Goal Power snacks are designed as part of a larger initiative - to get kids active! Our aim is to help kids to set goals and to achieve them. Our snacks provide the energy, our card game the fun, our online materials the inspiration and support!

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Made with love

We made GoalPower with our kids in mind. In our household, we keep our eye on sugar, additives, colourings and sweeteners. Over the years, we’ve slowly perfected our recipes so that every bar we make is more delicious and far healthier than anything you can buy in the shops.

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