**Coming 2023!**

New kids healthy snack, no added sugar, high in fibre and with a football playing card game.

New Children's Snack Brand Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Goal Power is a new children’s wellness brand that is launching across Europe this summer. Designed as part of a larger initiative to get kids up, out and active, each Goal Power pack includes a delicious and nutritious oat bar and a fun football card game with football facts and skills to learn, all presented in a cute, cartoon artwork box.Perfect for lunch boxes or on the go snacking, the fruity oat bars are packed with goodness and come in two delicious flavours: Strawberry and Blueberry. They are made using 40% British wholegrain oats, creamy coconut, dates, pea protein, crunchy sunflower seeds and fruits. They are all natural with no added sugar, are high in fibre, gluten free, palm oil free and made using a nut-free recipe. 

“We've launched Goal Power as a wellness snack brand that aims to reset our kids’ daily routines and help them feel better about themselves. Alongside a healthy and nutritious oat bar, the football cards provided encourage them to set their own goals and reinvigorate their enthusiasm for learning, playing and having fun,” explains founder, Matt Hunt. 

“The last year has been one of instability for children and their families. Clubs and events have been cancelled and it's been easy to fall into the trap of using technology as a crutch. Goal Power aims to re-inspire children by giving them new skills to learn.”

Goal Power is led by two fun characters: football-mad Will Power and his equally sporty sister, Em Power. Both have been created to help kids connect to GOAL POWER through their different personalities.

Will Power is a determined, focused boy who'll help you to stick to the plan, stay on track, and will motivate you to help you reach your goals.

Em Power believes in helping and inspiring everyone through kindness, sharing and giving – but she is just as tough and driven as her brother!

“We know what kids are up to these days and we know they live their lives online, so in every Goal Power match box snack you’ll find links to online support, handy ideas and free print outs too, as well as daily motivational messages across all platforms including TikTok and YouTube. They can log on and set their own goals for that day, the next week or the months to come.” 

Goal Power is aligned with the Common Goal charity, which aims to empower, inspire and enhance lives through football, as such the brand will donate 1% through the company and 1% of all the salaries taken by its employees, now and in the future to help fund Common Goals valuable work. 

We hope you'll join us in our crusade to get kids off the couch, out and about and generally getting more out of life.

Contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our materials and messages, this website's for you and your family - we're all in this together! (Matt Hunt, Founder)

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