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The Goals Behind Goal Power

The Goals Behind Goal Power

Meet The Founders 

Matt Hunt - Founder of OLOVESThe Protein Ball Co and Co-founder of The Great British Porridge Co has sold over 50 million units with his healthy, all natural food brands. Having previously focused on the grown-ups he's now decided to make something delicious for the kids. Something that not only encourages healthy eating, but will proactively inspire an active lifestyle.

The Big Idea 

We have all been living in strange times. We couldn't go out much, we couldn't socialise, we couldn't do anything fun and spontaneous. And it has been so much harder for our children. We’ve seen our own kids become bored and listless, fed up with being indoors, becoming addicted to their digital devices. At best, they get unhappy and at worst, genuinely distressed by it all.

We’ve learnt from our own fitness regimes that having a clear goal – and reaching it – is the most effective way to feel good about yourself. So how could we do that for our kids? How could we motivate them and reward them to get off the sofa, get fitter and feel better?

The aim of Goal Power is to reset our kids’ daily routines, encouraging them to set their own goals in a structured, achievable way. We want to inspire them to join an online club, take up a new sport, read a new book (or even write one) or take up a new hobby. Kids can go online to set their own goals and targets for the upcoming weeks, months and even years.

Goal Power is led by two fun characters: football-mad Will Power and his equally sporty sister, Em Power. Both have been created to help kids connect to GOAL POWER through their different personalities.

Will Power is a determined, focused boy who'll help you to stick to the plan, stay on track, and will motivate you to help you reach your goals.

Em Power believes in helping and inspiring everyone through kindness, sharing and giving – but she is just as tough and driven as her brother!

What makes us different? 

We are a brand-new snack for children that has recently launched across Europe with one focus, to get kids away from their screens and up and moving! Designed as part of a larger initiative to get kids up, out and active, each Goal Power match box includes a delicious and nutritious oat bar and a fun football card game with football facts and skills to learn, all presented in a fun match box. Kids are encouraged to use our online platforms to help them develop new skills and interests.

The hand-baked, kid-sized, nutrition-packed oat bar comes in two delicious flavours: Strawberry and Blueberry, and is made using 40% British wholegrain oats, creamy coconut, dates, pea protein, crunchy sunflower seeds and fruits. The bars are all natural with no added sugar, high in fibre, gluten-free, palm oil-free and made using a nut-free recipe.

Perfect for lunch boxes, bags or a pocket, our fruity oat bars are packed with goodness, giving children all the energy they need to set themselves a new goal and work towards it. 

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