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<h1>How much sleep should kids be getting a night?</h1>

How much sleep should kids be getting a night?

Sleep is incredibly important for your health and wellbeing as it provides a chance
for your body to recharge its batteries, grow and repair where needed. All of this
means that when you are getting enough sleep:
✓ You may not feel tired
✓ You tend to feel happier
✓ You are able to concentrate better at school
✓ You can perform better when playing games or sports

So much sleep should kids be getting a night?

✓ Children between 3 to 5 years need 10 to 13 hours sleep a night
✓ Children between 6 to 12 years need 9 to 12 hours sleep a night

Getting into a good bedtime routine can really help to improve sleep quality.

Here are a few tips for improving your kids nighttime routine:

✓ Keep a regular bedtime (Eg. Going to bed at 8pm and waking at 7am)
✓ Turn off all screens an hour before bed
✓ Spend the hour before you go to bed doing something to relax like reading or
having a bath
At Goal Power, we believe in the importance of nutrition as little ones as they grow.

Having a healthy, balanced diet with correct hydration allows them to have the energy to achieve whatever goal they set!

That's why we drew on our knowledge of healthy-snack-making at The Great British Porridge Co. to create Goal power, to provide a healthier snack option to kids of all ages.

All our bars are made with natural ingredients and are without any added sugar.


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