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<h1>How much water should you be drinking a day?</h1>

How much water should you be drinking a day?

Did you know that your body is made up of 70% water?
Water has lots of important jobs to do in your body. Some of these include:
✓ Helping you regulate your body temperature. Your body uses water to sweat
so you don’t get too hot
✓ Using water to flush out waste products, it does this when you go for a wee
✓ Helping your heart pump blood around your body
✓ Looking after your brain health

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So how much do you need to be drinking a day to keep yourself hydrated 

The amount of water you need varies depending on lots of things including age,
gender, how active you are on a particular day and the weather, but general
recommendations are:
✓ Girls and boys between 4 to 8 years should drink 1280ml a day (6 or 7 small
✓ Girls between 9 to 13 years should drink 1520ml a day (7 or 8 small glasses)
✓ Boys between 9 to 13 years should drink 1680ml a day (8 or 9 small glasses)
(Small glass = 200ml)
At Goal Power, we believe in the importance of nutrition as little ones as they grow.
Having a healthy, balanced diet with correct hydration allows them to have the energy to achieve whatever goal they set!
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All our bars are made with natural ingredients and are without any added sugar.


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