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Should Children Be Snacking?

Should Children Be Snacking?

Parents often wonder whether they should allow their kids to snack. It’s a controversial topic that stirs up many different opinions. Is it good or bad? Does it cause poor mealtime habits? And if they are good, what kind of snacks should you be opting for?

In short, having 1-2 nutritious snacks a day (alongside 3 healthy meals) is perfectly reasonable, and often beneficial for children to be having.

Here’s why:

It reduces junk food temptation

It has been proven that if you opt for healthy snacks (see our blog post on what makes up a healthy snack), you will be less likely to be tempted by convenience food. This is the case for both adults and children!

Having nutritious snacks, like Goal Power bars, on hand, helps parents ensure that their children are satisfied and energised until their next meal, and therefore much less likely to reach for junk food.


Ideal for picky eaters or dinner rejecters!

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with children that are open to trying any kind of foods, many of us have had to deal with picky eaters or children who refuse to eat more than a few mouthfuls of their dinner. In this case, healthy snacks are the perfect way to include more essential nutrients that they might be missing out on into their diets, such as calcium and vitamins.

Younger children find it more difficult to eat large quantities of food, so eating nutrient rich foods more frequently throughout the day will help to match their nutritional needs.


Provides Energy

Children who are very active or play sports have greater energy requirements than those that don’t. Healthy snacks are the perfect way to provide extra fuel to support active lifestyles without spoiling their appetite for mealtimes!

And it’s not just their bodies that need energy, children need a steady supply of nutrients to fuel their brains, so that they grow and develop properly and perform to the best of their abilities in school.

Goal Power bars are full of 100% natural ingredients that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help children thrive!


In essence, as long as you’ve got the quantity and type of snacks in check, then snacking is highly beneficial for children! 

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