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Tips For Getting The Kids To Eat Healthily

Tips For Getting The Kids To Eat Healthily

Has lunchtime become your least favourite time of the day? We hear you. There’s nothing worse than the battle of getting your kids to eat healthy, balanced meals. Who knew kids had such a way with words that suddenly we’re considering giving in? But there’s a niggling thought which reminds us that a nutritious diet is essential for growing healthy, happy kiddos.

Parents & guardians across the nation, we’re here to save the day in true Goal Power style!

Why should we ensure kids are eating healthy?
A healthy balanced diet is essential in ensuring we have healthy, happy kids; it’ll keep their moods and energy levels high, so they’re able to tackle whatever the day may throw at them!

Good nutrition is incredibly important for children as it's when they're constantly growing, learning, and developing and not to mention they’re constantly on the go! Eating patterns, likes and dislikes are primarily established in your childhood years - poor nutrition during your childhood can lead to increased risks of health-related diseases. Therefore we parents must ensure our kids are getting three healthy balanced meals and snacks every day.

How can we get our kids to eat healthily…

Get them involved in plating up their dinners
By letting your children take control of their plate, you’re letting them exercise their independence and get them interested in trying new foods. Children are more likely to eat healthy foods when they have the option to pick what it is they want and plate it up.

Snack Smarter
Snacks are an important part of all our diets - but it’s important to ensure they are healthy and nutritious. We must keep their snacking portions small, to avoid ruining their appetite for other meals.

Snacks should be rich in protein and fibre, as they'll keep your child fuller for longer. Our handmade, child-size, nutrition-packed oat bars come in Strawberry & Blueberry flavours. Made in the UK using all-natural ingredients, our bars are made using 40% British wholegrain oats, creamy coconut, dates, pea protein, crunchy sunflower seeds and golden flax!

Soft, chewy and fruity, they are the perfect fit for lunch boxes, coat pockets and half-time snacks!

Include Them In Cooking
Children are more likely to try foods that they have had a hand in making. Whether it’s measuring ingredients, stirring a bowl or tossing a salad, these are all great ways to get the kids involved.

Lead by example
Kids are very influenced by their environment, so of course, parental influence is very important. Great ways to lead by example are to ensure children are exposed to a wide variety of foods, praise them when they do eat fruit and veggies and ensure the family eat nutritiously as well.

Now you’ve got everything you need to eat healthily, so gone are stressful mealtimes!

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