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<h1>What makes up a healthy snack?</h1>

What makes up a healthy snack?

When we are busy and on the go we can sometimes find ourselves hungry between meals and needing a little something to keep us going.

It is important that we think of a snack as an opportunity to not only top up on energy but also important nutrients which will help keep our bodies strong and healthy.

So what makes a healthy snack?

To make sure you are getting a nutrient dense snack try to choose something which contains different food groups (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, dairy, fruit and veg) as each food group will provide a different benefit!

One of our snack bars is a great example as they contain:

✓ Oats - a type of complex carbohydrate that provide us with longer lasting energy and fiber for a healthy gut
✓ Pea protein - a source of protein that helps our muscles to repair
✓ Sunflower seeds – contain vitamins and healthy fats that can support heart health
✓ Fruit – provides vitamins and minerals which help to keep our bodies healthy

At Goal Power, we believe in the importance of nutrition as little ones as they grow.

Having a healthy, balanced diet with correct hydration allows them to have the energy to achieve whatever goal they set!

That's why we drew on our knowledge of healthy-snack-making at The Great British Porridge Co. to create Goal power, to provide a healthier snack option to kids of all ages.

All our bars are made with natural ingredients and are without any added sugar.


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