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Goal Power - Goal Setting

Download your personal Goal Power Plans here for goal setting >

We’ve all been living through strange times. We haven’t been able to go out much, socialise, or do anything fun and spontaneous. And it’s so much harder for our children. We’ve seen our own kids become bored and listless, fed up with being indoors and become addicted to their devices. At best, they get unhappy and at worst, genuinely distressed by it all. 

We’ve learnt from our own fitness regimes that having a clear goal – and reaching it – is the most effective way to feel good about yourself. So how could we do that for our kids? How could we motivate them and reward them to get off the sofa, get fitter and feel better?  

Time to set some goals!

We mapped out a simple, fun way to start goal planning featuring relatable and inspirational cartoon characters, healthy snacks as a reward, fun games and a simple way for them to set their own goals. 

Download your personal Goal Power Plans here for goal setting >

Once they reach these, they can set more, do more and achieve more and start feeling better in every sense. If they don’t quite hit their targets, that’s ok, it's about having a positive mindset and doing your best. 


Ready to power your goals?

So here we are with our little Goal Power match box snacks, our free printable Goal Worksheets, our fast-paced football card game and a range of online materials to support and inspire kids to pick a goal and go for it!

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