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Goal Setting like porridge


Start with one small, easy-to-achieve goal that you’ll feel comfortable achieving. For example, research the best local football club to join or perhaps you want to learn how to sing or dance. 

 Once you know what you want to do, write it down.

2. WHY 

Writing down why you want to achieve your goal really helps. The stronger your reason, the easier it will be to achieve it. Write as many reasons as you can.

3. WAY

The way you work at your goals matters too. By breaking them down into three smaller, easier steps it makes the whole process much more achievable. Write step 1, step 2 and step 3. 


Defining timings helps organise your schedule. 

Do you want to complete your goal in one week, a month or even a year? 


Make sure the place where you’ll be reaching your goal is available. For example will it be at home, on a field at school or in a swimming pool!

6. WHO

It’s a great idea to write down the people who can help you reach your goal.

You might be fine on your own but if you do need a little help and support, that’s fine too and you can write down who can help you.


So when you know the 6 W’s above then stick your Goal Worksheets on your bedroom wall. Now you have to WORK very hard to achieve your goals.

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