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How to play

As well as our delicious oat bar snacks, our GOAL POWER match boxes contain a fast-paced ORIGINAL footy card game!

A game to play with friends, where you shuffle and deal the pack face down into two piles, one red and one blue. The youngest kicks off, turning a PASS or SHOOT card over and the excitement builds as you shot as you either SAVED or with divine timing you can score a GOAL!

For 2 players minimum, 10 cards minimum 2 set) Tip - the more cards, the more goals!

Team work makes the dream work!

Your first move is to PASS the ball. From here you'll have the option to PASS again or SHOOT at the goal! There are loads of different ways to pass the ball from a PUSH PASS to a LONG BALL PASS and a cheeky BACK-HEAL PASS.

Strike it lucky

Soon you'll get your shot at a goal. SHOOT cards follow a PASS card, and will give you the option to turn a red card to see if your shot was SAVED or whether you scored a GOAL! There are many ways to score a goal from a STANDARD SHOT, to the dreaded PENALTY SHOT!

Unlucky this time!

It's not going to be easy to get a shot pass the goalie! After you turn a red card, you'll find out if your shot was SAVED or not. The goalie can reach all corners of the goal so be prepared that it might take a few tries to get that hat-trick!


You've taken your shot, turned a red card and...GOAL! You've turned a GOAL CARD and your shot has hit the target. You can celebrate by sharing a unique footy fact! Well done, but the game isn't over yet - it's time for your opponent to turn a blue card!

How To Play Game Video

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